First Lady Gown Exhibit at the Smithsonian

Quintessential Bride and Formal Wear completely understands the feelings our clients experience as they shop for the perfect dress for an important event. Can you even imagine the emotions involved when selecting a gown to wear for your husband’s Inaugaration Ball?

In addition, you realize that your choice will be photographed, discussed, critiqued, and then placed in a public exhibit forever after?!

Americans fascination with our First Lady’s clothing is certainly not a recent pheonomen. Beginning in 1912, the Smithsonian Institution has invited our Presidents’ wives to select a dress to add to their collection. Helen Taft was the first one to choose to donate her 1909 inauguration gown.

A recent radio clip from NPR describes the exhibit and the gowns. There is a lovely slideshow and narration about some of the featured dresses.

Look at each gown without first reading who wore it…some of the names might surprise you.

Here is a link
to the radio clip.  Enjoy!